Recruitment demands a deep understanding of your motivation and challenges. This equips Nick to find a suitable role that aligns with your professional and personal needs.

He understands that a new job often represents the closure of an old life chapter that may be painful or challenging.

Nick's Purpose Coaching has evolved during the almost 20 years Nick has worked in recruitment. He has a highly developed ability to gently and supportively coach and support you to find and understand your purpose.

Personally, Nick has navigated the chaos of separation and found peace and presence in that space. He's worked with clients to find solutions to the turmoil created from today's challenges for individuals and businesses, including:

  • remote and flexible work
  • balance
  • isolation
  • cultural adjustments
  • understanding diverse mindsets
  • transitioning to new sectors
  • developing tolerance working against social media and finding comfort in human relationships
  • staff retention strategies
  • organisational practices

This work calls for your vulnerability, awareness and presence as you move through the discomfort and do the work.

"Nick has a genuine interest and care for people, I believe this is the key difference of his work"




Starting at
5 x 1 hr sessions over 8 weeks
  • Comprehensive career assessment
  • Exploration of industries, roles, and possibilities
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Access to tailored resources and support
  • Industry insights and trends
  • Resume and cover letter templates
    Interview preparation tips and networking strategies


Starting at
5 x min. 1.5 hr sessions
  • Comprehensive life and career assessment
  • Strategic action planning for radical change
  • Personalized support for navigating crisis situations
  • Crisis management strategies and support
  • Deep exploration of values, purpose, and passions
  • Holistic approach to personal and professional growth
    Job search and career transition assistance